Seriously, Luggage insurance?

You bet.

Basically, if it can be lost or damaged, you can find insurance for it.

Why in the world would I get luggage insurance?

Really, it is not that different from the idea of backing up your computer.
Most people don’t think they need to back up their computer…then when it crashes, they panic and wonder why they never backed it up.

The same goes with luggage insurance.  Until you have had your luggage lost…in the direction away from home, you think it won’t happen to you.

Well, it will…probably, so get luggage insurance.

First, let’s get a few things straight.  Don’t be afraid to check your bags.  Do be prepared for your bags to be either delayed or lost.


In your carry on, be sure you have one change of clothes…or at least an extra set of “unmentionables”.

Next, figure our if the credit card you used to buy your ticket includes any kind of luggage insurance.  Rather than looking through their website…just call them.

If your card doesn’t include luggage insurance, then get some through a third party.