Why Ship Your Bike??

First, if you’ve ever boxed up your bike and sent it on an airline, you know that sucks.

It sucks to box it.
It sucks to take it to the airline – you know, in that box your bike doesn’t fit on a rack…so you better have a truck (or a friend with a truck). Next, you have to move that unwieldy box from your vehicle to…yep, the check in counter (if you are extra lucky, you have to take it to some special large “bag” check area).
It sucks on arrival to definitely go to that large bag pickup area. Then…what? Yep, drag it to your vehicle. Oh snap! How are you getting it to the hotel??

This is How you Ship Your Bike

So, How to you ship your bike?

As above, you first box your bike. If you’ve never done this before, you can always take it to your local bike shop where they’ll be happy to box it for you.

Now you have a few options:
1) Contact one of bike shipping websites. They’ll arrange for FedEx or UPS to stop by and get your bike.
2) Contact FedEx on your own. Have your bike shipped to your hotel.
3) Actually enjoy your trip to your race.

Something else to consider is shipping your luggage.

It may seem like a luxury, but there really is something liberating about walking through an airport with nothing more than a backpack.

Pack your bike in a cardboard bike box, hard-sided bike case or soft padded bike travel bag.

If you don’t have a case or need help packing, check out our selection of bicycle shipping boxes, travel cases and packing supplies along with a directory of bike shops where you can get your bike professionally packed for shipment.