I have 3 kids.

Traveling can be…a challenge.

Having to worry about more than just “where is my child” is a challenge.

1 wife, 3 kids and loads of luggage on a vacation that is supposed to be relaxing…well…a challenge.

This is how the conversation went with my wife:

Me: Darling, I think we should ship our luggage this time
Wife: *that strange look* What are you talking about?
Me: Let’s ship our luggage. It will make things easier. Each of us will have a small backpack for our gadget. We won’t have to hassle with the bags on either end of this trip. We always seem to have more stuff on the return, and we can just ship that stuff back, also.
I could see in her eyes that this might be considered a good idea. Yet, she isn’t going to let me win that easily…
Wife: Where did you read about this?
Me: What?
Wife: Where did you read about this? Is this the latest “thing”?
Me: Honey, I don’t know, I’m just trying to make the vacation travel easier…easier Besides, the way the airlines charge for checked bags anymore, we might as well take that same money and have the bags delivered to our destination.
Wife: Well, ok, we’ll try it, but if this doesn’t work….
Yep, we tried it, and it rocks!

Sure there is a little of planning ahead needed, but I’ll tell you what, there is something about vacation and travel and airports…no matter how relaxing a trip is supposed to be, they are stressful – at least the traveling part.

To ship our bags and not have to worry about, and lug, our luggage around, well, it was a great thing.

And guess what…no need for luggage insurance.